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Kanji 1-2020 - from RTK-I. Kanji 2021-3000 - from RTK-III. 3001-3039 - no longer used.
Every page contain 65 kanjis.

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Created by Shmuel Fomberg, Email request and suggestions

This small page is devoted for helping people learning kanji using the "Remembering the Kanji I" book.
(by James W. Heisig, Japan Publication Trading Co.)

If you practice near a computer, I would recommend using Anki - a flash card program where you can download a RTK deck. also available for smart phones

However, if you want to practice without a computer, want to practice in order, or just want to test your knowledge to see how many kanjis you really know, this page is for you.

The generator will prepare for you test pages and matching answer pages, for your self-test. it also can add squares to write the kanjis in them, helping practice the balance. balance is important.